Product photography

Couple of days ago we did a product photography project for one of the local companies in Opelika AL, which manufactures dialysis filters. They are about to expand twice in size and needed some product photography done for future presentations and poster/flyer/handout materials. Here is a small preview of our strobist setup:

1. Blue background (company color) taped to a background stand.

2. We used a 70-200 lens for a very tight crop. Even though we shot at a very small aperture, the close proximity of the camera in reference to the product, made the background blurry enough for no one to see that it was made of three matte paper pieces.

3. We used a small diffuser box, camera right, equipped with a SB-600 at 1/4as the main light.

4. Camera left we put an AB-800 at minimum power with a 20 degree honey-cone grid. Then the light was put through a diffuser to soften the kick-light a little. Just a little! I know, some of you may ask: “Why would you grid it and then diffuse the light?” Well, the grid makes the beam narrow¬†enough to light up only the filter, and because it is so close to the subject/product the diffuser will not stray the light too much. However, the kicker light now is a little less harsh, but hard enough to define the product which was made of a clear plastic material with highly reflective surface.

5. The fill light was a bounce white umbrella with a SB-600 at 1/8 power, behind camera, on the opposite side of the main light, at 45 degrees down on the filters.

All flashes were trigerred using Paul C Buff’s Cyber Syncs.