Desiree and Andy

So today was an interesting day. One, because I was a second shooter for a wedding, something very uncharacteristic for me, and two, because we met some pretty amazing people – funny, chill, with insane amount enthusiasm and willing to do anything and everything for the good times.

OK, here is the pre-story. Several days ago my buddy Matt from MJ Gillespie Photography called and asked me to come as the second photographer at Desiree and Andy’s wedding. Needless to say, since my weekend was open, I said yes and this is how I found myself today at the Oakhurst Farms. So here I was, on this sunny bright March day, photographing this crazy funny gang of groomsmen. The weather was great (I wish it stays like this during the entire year), the venue was amazing to say the least and working with Matt was an absolute pleasure. As for the couple, those guys had the fun of their life, opened their love for everyone to witness it and gave a bit of it to all attending, us included. Love photographing weddings where you are treated like part of the guests. It definitely helps to do the job but as well as to enjoy the moment.

Thank you Desiree and Andy for everything you did for us today; thank you Matt for the opportunity to see you work your magic and tag along; and thank you Alabama weather for not acting crazy today, but keeping it chill instead.