Clouds on a sunny day

The summer is officially over and the weather sure feels like it’s fall. As it cooled off and the storms dissipated in the past, we decided to go outside and create our own clouds. And we did it beautifully collectively – Amanda, Cody, Terrence and I. Amanda did great staying still under the liquid nitrogen, thrown by Cody and Terrence and I have to say that after playing with fire, playing with liquid nitrogen is definitely our second most favorite exercise. This shot was compiled from 5 different frames – one for the background, one for Amanda posing, one for the sheets on each side and one for the liquid nitrogen clouds. The frames were then post-processed in Photoshop to remove all lighting equipment used. See, the problem is, you cannot light the model, the sheets and the clouds at the same time, so in some of the frames the lighting equipment had to be in the frame. Speaking of lights:

1. Amanda was lit up using 2 SB-600’s gelled with full CTO’s and at 1/4 power. The light was modified through an umbrella. and was kept on camera left.

2. One beauty dish equipped with a SB-600 at 1/4 power was positioned camera right for fill.

3. One SB-600 was placed behind Amanda at 1/16 power and at 14mm so that the light can spill and highlight the whole body.

4. Just to emphasize the hair highlight we put one Vivitar 285 HV at 1/16 camera right, behind the tree and zoomed all in. As the liquid nitrogen was thrown, the Vivitar was also used to light up the vapor in the air.

The camera was set to ISO 250, S 1/250s and f/2.8 with white balance to tungsten and at B6. The gelled flashes from the umbrella kept the skin tones orange/tan and the tungsten white balance turned everything else blue, which was then emphasized in post processing.


Amanda the cloud maker