Ashley and Daniel

So what happens when the forecast for a “photoshoot under the stars” changes to clouds and rain? You change the date and still have fun! Tonight we did exactly that with Ashley and Daniel. We went under the starry skies over Auburn and brought the photography expression “stills” to a whole new level in the world of Engagement photoshoots. They had to keep steady for as much as possible and minimize any movements. Not only this is hard to do, but try to do it in 35F and this gets almost impossible… ALMOST! After only several takes we were able to capture some really beautiful frames that truly show how passionately they love each other. Here is a small sneak peak of this night’s adventure under the dark skies. What a great couple and what a great night…

Big shout out to Susan Konstant from The Water Oak Manor, who allowed us to use her venue to take capture those amazing moments under the clear Auburn night sky.