Portrait and Wedding Photographer


My name is Vesko and I am an experienced boudoir, portrait and wedding photographer based in Auburn, Alabama. I started actively pursuing my passion in photography eight years ago with the birth of my first child. My passion took me exploring the beauty of Alabama and nearby Georgia, pushing my boundaries and skills to new levels, every day. Through the years I worked with multiple local and national businesses. I photographed both social and business events with product, interior and portrait photography. In 2011 I photographed my first wedding and I was instantly hooked. Today I specialize in wedding and boudoir portraiture almost exclusively.

With my work, I aim to capture my clients in an artistic and yet as close to reality way  during some of the most exciting and special moments of their lives. My style of photography is very unique, and I focus on quality over quantity. During a wedding – or an engagement session – I blend with the crowd and my surroundings so the couples feel as if they are on a date rather than being watched. I strive to adapt to any situation, where I can record the heartwarming moments of a simple look, touch or hug in a single photo that will be cherished for years to come.

During the boudoir photo shoots, I strive to photograph my models in the most flattering way. Every client is different, however I have a common goal for all and that is to show a different interpretation of their beauty and to achieve that in the most respectful and humble way, with minimum stress and effort on their part. I find the inspiration, and the positive drive to keep going forward, in the spontaneous reactions of my models when they see themselves in the unique images created. It is not just an image, but rather a perspective.

I love interacting with my clients long before and after we do our photo shoots. Building a close relationship with my clients is an important part of my work, as it leads to intimate and beautifully candid photographs.

Though we are a small business, the reputation of Vesko Photography speaks for itself. I cannot wait to meet with you and discuss your photography needs and hear the details of the next project.

Thank you and talk to you soon,

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